Marit Ødegaard

Drammensveien 66, Oslo

Tel: +47 92842245


4 thoughts on “Kontakt

  1. Hello, I´m a physiotherapist from the Czech Republic and I have a posssibility to go to Norway to some Feledenkrais center cause I do a training with Mia Segal. I have to decide where I will go cause the deadline of application is the 30.4.Please,let me know if I could come to see your work and how much would it be.
    Best regards
    Irena Molin

    • Hi! I am not sure what you want:) I am a practitioner, and I teach Awareness Through Movement and I have private students for FI. If you are in Oslo now, you are welcome to join a one day workshop tomorrow. Good luck with the Mia Segal training! 🙂

  2. Good evening, may you please inform me about the language used in the lessons. In addition, if all lesson are taught in Norwegian, then is there a possibility for me to attend a lesson that is taught entirely in English?

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